40yo "phoney" journal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by patefern, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. If 40yo wrote a phoney journal :

    So what.

    To quote DB

    In any case, it's not as if anybody bought anything. If it was a gag, he put an awful lot of time and thought into it.


    40yo you should be writing for a living if are not already. Well thought out and a very smooth delivery, made for an interesting thread.

    Fooled some people but didn't harm anyone. If you believed him, and I did, you shouldn't be embarrassed, he didn't ask for any money and no one was going to offer it.

    Being cynical to a point is healthy, all he got were words of kindness and was offered encouragement, and those traits in people are admired, regardless of being the point of a joke. A whole lot better than the bashing you'll read here.

    And if you caught on to the joke.....so what.

    I'd like to ask 40yo, if the journal was phoney, what was the point? If not phoney, why the silence?
  2. 3dog


    I'm disappointed that he vanished, because I wanted to find out how he convinced his two teenage daughters to share a bedroom!!! :eek:
  3. christ you are prissy.
  4. Hendrix


    I'm in the Paterfern camp.

    Everything that he talked about rang true with me, and I believe he is actually out there trading his system at the moment (and probably doing quite well, given the market we have had this week).

    Think about it from his viewpoint (assuming he was on the level).

    Here is a trading and market sizing methodolgy he has developed to try and support him and his family. He has done as much work on it and thinking about it as any newbie I have ever encountered.

    As D-Day draws nearer, he has doubts, of course. "What if it doesn't work, what if I haven't thought of something etc etc" The last thing he needs in this situation is the negativism he encountered (although, I admit, not exclusively) from this site. As we all know, the mental side of the game is as, or more, important than the mechanical side, and the last thing he needs is us adding to any doubts he may have (assuming that he has all the bases covered, and assuming also he has taken on board the constructive criticism he received).

    Probably the most important thing he needs now is positive thinking, which will breed the confidence in his system, until he has traded it long enough for the results to breed the confidence for themselves.

    In a similar situation, I probably would have disappeared too.

    I would bet small amounts of money that he will be back, once he is sure the negativity will not affect him.

  5. no way man, the whole thing was a hoax
  6. He started getting emotional towards the end of his papertrading. This whole thing smacks of bullshit.