-40k non farm payrolls expected

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    It seems they are making it too easy now, job number comes in at 20,000 or even -15,000 and the dow will rally 300 points.....I heard that some would not be surprised if we lost 75k-100,000 jobs for March....

    Apr 4 8:30 AM Nonfarm Payrolls Mar -

    briefing forecast


    market expects


    Last months job number

  2. If the net-loss is mortgage and banking-related jobs, then it would be very bullish.
  3. It's interesting to see bonds trading as if we're close to economic Armageddon but employment is expected to come in at 'only' -40k. -200k would be more in line with the bond market. Something's gotta give.
  4. Bullish because??
  5. Those jobs are parasitic, not productive. There would be an appearance of diverting money into productive capacity instead of idle asset speculation.