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what are you planning to do with your 401k/retirement account with a possible bear market?

  1. do nothing

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  2. average down

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  3. move into cash

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  4. other

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  1. s&p ytd 28%. last week and this , s&p drop 10%. it took 1 whole year for s&p to go up 28% and within 2 week it drop 10%. for ppl that has large amount in their retirement like my colleague. that is alot of moola.
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  2. Metamega


    If you simply held through it you would’ve doubled your money anyway since 2008. You only lose 50% if you cashed out at the bottom and chased the way back up.

    I’d look to start averaging in if we keep going down myself if I was cashed out.

    Depending on how close you are to needing the funds.
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  3. ET180


    To those who say you can't time the market. If we're talking about a free market without government / central bank intervention, I completely agree. However, we don't have that. If QE and crazy low / unnatural interest rates made the market go up, won't quantitative tightening and higher interest rates make the market go down? I agree with Jeff Gundlach.
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  4. Sorry, but I don't understand you. You ask others for what they would do with their retirement fund. Someone replies and gives his opinion. You respond by burning that person to the ground for voicing an opinion which is different from your own.
    If you don't want to hear opinions which differ from your own, why even bother to open this topic?
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  5. DeltaRisk


    I’d rather go cash in a 401, but this will bounce for a bit on the decline.
    It always has and always will, it’s a staggered decline. You can’t scare retail like the past few days and keep them in the market. It will bounce, but I warn you... they are going to get their money.
    It’s your choice to catch the falling knife.
    I wouldn’t do it.

    I’m loaded on my directional positions shorting indices, and I do have a few bond trades in there. Not hard to see where it’s gonna go.

    But.....what do I know?
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  6. Thank you, my thoughts exactly. The OP does not want opinions, he wants to debate his belief. OP seriously need to take his question to boglehead forum where 401k is discussed allllllll day. They can help much more then we can.

    Put the poll up there, everybody will say Doing Nothing.
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  7. ha! Bogglehead is full of investor that follow buffet buy and hold strategy. Obviously they got brainwash into following the so call value investing. I don’t believe in none of that crap. I’m a trader. That’s why I post it here.
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  8. srinir


    Buy and hold investing and value investing are two different things. One could buy&hold growth fund and ETF's too
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