401K Excel Sheet

Discussion in 'Trading' started by novacane32000, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. I have come up with a system to manage the funds available through my company's retirement fund.

    It is an excel sheet with links that help you spot which funds are performing best right now.

    Other links on the sheet go to charts that help the user decide whether to hold or sell once they are in a fund.

    I did a presentation for about a dozen co-workers and got a bunch of oohs! and ahhs!! (they really liked it ) .

    My original and only intention was just to help out my fellow co-workers--but in talking to my wife after the presentation she seems to think I should not just give this information away.

    Not sure what to do now!

    Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

    Manual backtesting of the system has returned 22 to 48% over the past 5 yrs while the SP500 is around -4%