400k......and counting

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  1. Job loss's are only 400k on this number.. Thats it. LOL. The idiot economist and pundits cheer this number?

    Think about this as a reality check.....How long have we been loosing around 400K in jobs? Two years now? Geee, the recovery is underway!

    HOUSING DATA- Prices are still falling....but I thought the bottom was in?

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    I agree that 400K new claims is not a good thing, but the entire picture certainly must include continuing claims which has been falling at a rapid pace since the peak in Jun 2009. At that time there were approx 4.5MM more people than normal on unemployment. As of right now we are only about 1MM above normal levels. Obviously not a good thing, but much better than 4.5MM higher.

    Keep in mind that even during normal non-recession conditions there are about 350K new claims each period which is the natural cycle of people losing jobs and the friction in the employment market. 400K is really not a terrible number by itself.
  3. While we have our army we're still number 1.