$400 per gallon oil. 100+ fuel trucks set on fire

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  1. I read online reports that fuel costs $400 per gallon for USA army in Afghanistan. Past 15 days more than 100 NATO fuel trucks have been set on fire in Pakistan by gunmen.

    USA is fighting a losing battle in Afghanistan. USA should learn from Russia and withdraw all their soldiers from Afghanistan and bring them back home. If Russia could not win in Afghanistan so will USA not win in Afghanistan.
  2. Correction. Soviet Union could now win in Afghanistan. Then the collapse of the Soviet Union turning into Russia.

  3. I agree. Thanks for the correction.
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    You mean turning back into Russia.

    "Russia," as well as "Ruscia," are of Latin origin. They initially referred to the first slavic state Kievan Rus' which formed during the 9th century.

    Then there was Ivan the Terrible, the first crowned with the official title "Tsar of Russia" in the 16th century. After Tsardom there was the Russian Empire. That ended with the Russian Revolution in 1917. After that it became Soviet Russia, a member of the USSR which was formed in 1921.
  5. whatall the historical facts have to do with original post?

    Afghanistan is called the "Cemetary of Empires" for a reason, I agree US will never win there..
  6. There is a fundamental issue trying to push our western views on middle eastern cultures. Their justice system is based on vengeance... We've killed and destroyed so many lives over there that many have no other purpose in life other than to seek revenge.

    If we want their mineral wealth than stop beating around the bush... declare war and take it. If we want to put in place a puppet government that favors our capitalistic motives than do it... but be prepared to stay there long term.

    Whats funny to me is when our military attacks a civilian in a foreign town in his own home shooting him dead and justifying the use of deadly force stating they were under attack by enemy insurgents.

    WTF what you do if it was your home or neighborhood?
    "Welcome Americans, here have a turn with my wives and daughters.. Do me a favor and shoot one of my goats so I can make you guys some stew?"

    "You guys are right our 5000 year culture and way of life are so backwards compared to your western ways. I want my MTV too."

    $400 Oil is nothing compared to the dirty deals our contractors are cutting over there with the Taliban.

    "Yeah we had are women trained but if you really think its better to give them 1/2 of everything? How do I do that I've got 6 wives..."
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    Afghanistan is the least literate country on the earth, outside of sub-sahara africa. Its the most backwards place there is.

    Why in the world does the US think it can democratize the place?

    We need to stop nation-building. After 9/11 the US military should have killed as many taliban as possible, destroyed any taliban infrastructure and then just left. Boom and Zoom.
  8. yep, afghanistan should have been about vengeance.

    but we all know its about the bubble at home more then the war abroad. war spending reinflates bubbles
  9. After the attacks in Pakistan, now USA is planning to supply fuel into Afghanistan through Russia (surprising). Do you think Russia will help after what USA did during Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.
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    Of course we should have as many generals have said, "nuke them into the stone age". We have not as a country wanted to win any war since ww2 all other conflicts have been political and shows of force. It really is insane that the US is trying to democratize a country where literacy is about 20%.
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