400+ Day Tomorrow---Money is running into all asset classes overnight!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BlueStreek, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Commodities & Equities Futures are already pointing the way.

    About time: GE=7.50=80 b market cap=you could buy GE and sell off the parts for twice that=major value buyers stepping in here=bottom in for sure=up1500 quick points.

    Those lucky enough to have bought calls today will make a small fortune over the next 3 weeks!!!
  2. You are confused, we are in due order for a technical bounce, however make no misteke over the long term we are headed lower. I said 7250 on DOW 16 months ago, I now beleive that 4880 is a distinct possiblity. Enjoy!
  3. sounds exciting...
  4. Good G_d, this guy is back.

  5. Bad news for the market. BS was a near 100% fade in the past. Hope he has lost his "touch".

    Or this market is going down hard... :(
  6. lol, best call yet:

    6,725.30 -37.99 (-0.56%)

    only 438 points away from your target...
  7. BlueStreek

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    02-20-09 03:18 PM

    I watched GE today, Rimm as well: usually options expiration work is done on thursday, but today was quite interesting as many "interests" were at play trying to square up their portfolios.

    I bet GE climbs hard next week--next three weeks in fact.