400:1 Leverage

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  2. I was contacted many times by Global Futures to open an account. I checked out their brokers at Forex Peace Army.com and the ones they chose have the most number of ratings and they seemed OK.

    I did not try out all of their platforms but I tried the **** Platinum platform and the FX Solutions GTS with Accucharts and they seemed OK except I prefer the "look and feel" of Dealbook 360 by GFT Forex.

    By the way, the 400:1 leverage thing I believe means NOTHING. You trade one mini contract at a time, it's the same profit or loss.
  3. So what you are saying, is that

    Global Futures is promoting 400:1

    leverage, which is a sure sign of a

    reckless firm, pushing insanity onto

    traders (many of which are new)

    Why not offer $50 margins on trading


    Seriously, my respect for GF

    dropped about 90% after this

    stupid post.
  4. Sushi


    Total ignorance from trader zone. Huge difference between trading micro with 400 to one and 50 emini margin. How stupid do they come?
  5. The ability to have 400:1 is very useful. Not for the margin itself but for usable margin and some other situations.

    The less you spend on used margin the more you have to play with. I never use 400:1 that is simply suicide. However, the ability to not sink all your capital into used margin is important to me.

    For some "weak" currencies, leverage is necessary to bring the currency profit potential into line. Doing 100:1 on EUR/USD is not the same as 100:1 on MXN/JPY.
  6. As you are so dazzled with Doug Allen, I would say you set the standard for :"How stupid do they come?"

    You think 400:1 is different? Do you know what "serious overleverage is? Do you trade anything besides baseball cards?
  7. Well reading some of your posts it seems there is no limit!

    Typing in BIG letters again TraderZones, are you getting angry or have you just mislaid your spectacles?

    Talking of spectacles, you're doing a great job TZ :D

  8. Not to mention the fact that less funds need to be held in accounts with these shops, with the exception of the UK it seems there's no protection if the firm goes bust so the less cash deposit needed the better.

    It's obvious TraderZones doesn't quite understand the 'leverage offered only affects margin requirements' concept, no surprise there really :D
  9. While I agree with your thoughts, Cable, the marketing behind 400:1 is clearly pushed towards the individual who believes he can get rich fast. Additionally, the company marketing this high leverage knows that 99% of the traders will lose their money with leverage this high - and lose it fast.

    It's essentially a casino draw. In fact, I'd submit you probably would do better in blackjack.

    And let me be clear, I am not speaking to this particular company. I'm speaking to the aspect of 400:1 leverage.
  10. Correct. 400:1 leverage only serves to drain the accounts of traders much more quickly. A small hiccup in prices can quickly cause large losses.
    #10     Mar 30, 2009