40% this year.

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  1. this belongs in the chitchat section.
    mainly because the trades are so good.
    im around 10% for the year. slow year. 30% to go.

    will post for fun. will enjoy myself.
  2. achilles28


    are you managing money now?

    what's your average risk per trade?
  3. I just manage my own and families through an inc.

    average risk varies, usually less then 1%. I pyramid my entries like=

    200 shares first test
    5000 shares #1st entry
    1500 shares ADD
    1500 shares ADD
    1500 shares ADD

    if 200 shares is not profitable, it gets exited,
    if 200 shares flow correctly, and I see an even more bargain and something "clicks" in my brain yelling "low risk, sure thing", 5000 shares goes down.
    once 5000 shares goes into profit, 1500 shares gets added, if thats profitable 1500 more shares get added.
    pyramiding is only done in uptrends.

    like that.


    #1 An uptrend is a trend that doesn't go down at all.
  4. no action., market down but can go down more

    hell , probably no action for the next 2 or 3 weeks, fucking A , I wanted to make money too.
  5. Grains, energies, metals, currencies.......:cool:
  6. these are all hard to trade, i'm not too smart so i stick with stocks.
  7. Ain't that the truth!

    Welcome back C-Web :)

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    Understatement of the day.
  9. Loving life, Love investing, trading , don't mind if I'm not too smart to beat the big players, as long as I beat the small ones :D
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