40 S&P Points a Month, is My Goal

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  1. <b>I am starting a journal from today. This is paper trading, so today I "made" about 5 points in the S&P on one trade. I am targeting about 40 S&P points a month with reasonable leverage.

    I signed up for a tracking account a while back at Collective2.com (futures), but never really did much with it. So now, I am starting to use it seriously.

    I also signed up last week for TimerTrac.com (index mutual funds). The Collective2 is about $90 but TimerTrac is free, for anyone who is interested. This keeps me honest, since I was never impressed by people who say "I went from $100K to $266K in 3 months" yet never offer any proof.

    I know people often put images of their trades up, but I am not live trading this, so an independent monitor seems like a decent way to proceed.

    I will try to update daily, but may miss some days.
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    You might want to do a fresh start, because the current system is tainted with the previous trades. You said they were non-representive of your style....While the SPX went up 20%, your system stayed at zero.

    If you want a cheap start, sign up for the competition, that would cost you just $18 for the next 2 months. After 2 months we would see enough trades to judge your system...

    The best systems on C2 are doing 1.2 ES or less a day, so good luck with making 2 ES a day....
  3. My goal 80 pts per month. Sometimes 200pts....depending on how I feel. Ya know.
  4. rcan, good luck !!
    I am sure with due diligence and hard work you can attain this goal. I will be rooting you on
  5. i think your objective is a bit aggressive.

    shoot for 1/2 that amount, and you'll have a mint in no time.

  6. It's only 2 ES points (8 tics) NET per trading day (20 trade days a month).

    Absolutely doable! :)

    Good trading to you rcan
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    What competition you talk about ?
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  9. Hi Pekelo;

    I just don't get it how these supposed systems can have such low expectancy and accuracy. These 200 futs systems must have very complex setups, signalled only a handful, if that, number of times over some extended period of time, and then the setups aren't very good. Of course if the systems are designed for turtle-style trading, that's a bit different. But even then the inability to AVERAGE 2pts daily over long time frames suggests other problems with the system.

    I just don't get it. 2pts ES net per day (8 tics, $100) is not hard. Sure there are flat and/or losing days. But there are also monster days. These systems must have trade restrictions like making only 1 trade, which would require 100% winners-totally ridiculous, or minimum per trade profits irrespective of market conditions, etc.

    But what do I know, Im a scalper. No time to wait for or think about signals from a system :D

  10. The 3000+ systems is kind of misleading. C2 continues defunct systems in the total. I would say there are perhaps 200 systems currently active.

    Anyway, I made 1 point today. I possibly could have made about 7-9 points today (long), but I pulled out early because I had to leave home mid-day, and the long trade had been under water most of the morning. The trading is an open to close daily trade.

    That figures of course. And in deference to ET, I am not quoting the C2 link. If someone wants to see my "official" tracked performance good or bad, it is on the first page.

    ET admins were concerned about me promoting a C2 system for free. I will only say that the system has never accepted subscribers. Eventually I plan a system, but my focus is on my own trading. A journal seemed like a really good idea.

    <b> plus 5.3 points since 4/24 </b>
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