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    Dear Elite Traders,

    In our latest effort to make the futures market more trader-friendly, we're offering 40% off the Gauntlet Mini™ $25,000 evaluation. Use the discount code "bestprice89" or follow this link to start your evaluation now for $89. The 40% discount will be applied to your subscription every month until you pass, cancel or change your plan. The offer expires on June 30 at midnight CST, don't miss it!

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  2. Daniel.a


    Trailing drawdown on a 100k account of 3500usd, 3.5% i mean.... thats not realistic for any serious trader to work with... its insane....
  3. That's because it's not a 100K account.

    Effectively, it's a 3.5K account.

    That's 70 points gross on 1 ES contract - which I would say is realistic.

    But calling it a 100K account is a bit misleading.
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  4. Tavurth


    I guess they want you to show little risk.

    Since it's 15 days minimum, and they expect 6% it's 0.4% gain per day.

    So they're saying you have to take 0.4% daily with a 2.2% stop loss, and a trailing 3.5% NAV stop loss.

    It's not so difficult?
  5. Daniel.a


    Ohh ok, i was under the impression that it was 100k, well... i assume its good business for them.. and largest reason is the trail max dd, i i think thats they key metric in their business plan :)

    And the trail is based also on open equity, not closed... well well
  6. This is the last if the "funded trader" companies Id ever do business with. Trust me on that.
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  7. Why is that?

    And which company (if any) would you do business with?
  8. I sent a PM. If anyone else is wondering feel free to PM me. E2T lost my respect as a company.
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  9. Earn2Trade

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    Hello athlonmank8,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have noticed a pattern here on you going on a tour of different forums telling people to stay away from us. That is of course entirely your right, but we value actual criticism and would love to know what you thought was lacking at our company.
  10. I shared it in the PM's. I spoke with your customer service and showed my displeasure. They didn't seem to care so I don't either.
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