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    Dear Elite Traders,

    We're offering a 40% lifetime discount on The Gauntlet Mini™ $50,000 account for every month of your subscription until you pass or cancel. Follow the link to start now for only $99 and prove your trading skills to get funded!

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    The offer only lasts until the end of June, don't miss it! Terms & conditions apply.

  2. tango29


    Is the potential offer different between the Gauntlet and mini Gauntlet? Just curious as the two time frames are so different and it is easy to see that the longer term one gives the company more proof that the person isn't having a lucky streak or hit a trending easy market to make bank.
    Also, wondering if you know, if you were to work with the firm and have the professional data subscription is that a one time fee that can be used to cover data for your personal account as I imagine you are stuck with the professional label even in the personal account? Or are you stuck paying that fee at all your trading accounts?
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    The offers are different. You can see both of the offers in the FAQ section on the respective product pages:


    According to the CME:

    The Non-Professional Subscriber must not:

    c) be a member (or hold or lease any type of membership) of any exchange;

    d) be registered or qualified as a professional trader or investment adviser with any stock, commodities or futures exchange or contract market, or with any financial regulatory authority.

    It's up to you to inform about your other accounts, they won't automatically be charged.

    If you use Rithmic on your personal account, you can share the data from the pro account via the Rithmic Plugin mode.
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    Thank you.
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    No problem