40% of Americans Have Nothing Saved For Retirement.

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  2. 27% have less than $1k. How do they sleep at night?
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    Obviously with their Iphone headphones on. :eek:
  4. Can u imagine those aging baby boomers with so little to live with?.....scary. :eek:

    I think alot of them will have to cohabitate to keep living costs down, like 2 couples sharing a 2 bedroom home, for example

    .....or live with their grown children(if they have any)
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    Having to live with others or family is not a hardship. Having no food to eat is a hardship.
  6. Good.

    Six billion is too many.

    Darwin agrees. Those who chose to remain unfit are about to be weeded out.

    Even now, before it happens, it is easy to predict which...players...will choose to blame others for their own mistakes, and even precisely what their excuses and ploys will be.

    Real easy to step out of the way when you see the scams coming from miles away.

    The internet killed the game, fellows. Too many people see way too much for it to work anymore.

    "Entitlement anxiety" and its direct connection to the global economic crisis have already made the mainstream media. The global awareness is too big to be contained anymore.

    Just as television broke the Soviet communism scam's back, when the previously foolish workers actually SAW how well incentive based economies lived in comparison to communist "utopias", the internet has broken the entitlement game for good.

    Sooner or later, truth will out, it always does, and it's too late to put this genie back in the bottle.

    The reason the volumes is so thin on the markets these days is because a critical mass (growing exponentially) of investors either know, or suspect at the gut level what is coming, and are not only staying on the sidelines, but day by day are positioning themselves to PROFIT from what lies ahead.

    There isn't enough money to pay off the deadbeats anymore, further, there is an approaching disinclination to subsidize anyone for anything, whether it is fiscally possible or not. The entitlees will rampage and burn when their checks stop clearing, and when they are done killing each other off, the sane will re-emerge and pick up the pieces.
  7. I have a pet theory.

    Family savings rate is inversely proportional to the number of womens magazines your wife subscribes to.

    If your wife / gf frequents gossip magazines and has a subscription to any, or a number of the top 10 womens magazines you're essentially fucked for life.
  8. You know...I actually think there may be some truth to this statement.
  9. What happens to these people when they get too old to work?
  10. best not to think about. people should really look at pensions as money to look after them when they are too old to work or to ill the last two to ten years. not cushy lives with holidays for twenty or thirty years. in any event what will happen is they will work until they can't work they will die shortly after as they will be exhausted by the work which is the reason they could not work any more.

    the thing i am more concerned about is there is not going to be work for them. you assume they will be able to get work.

    the most likely scenario is they will be old, penniless and unemployed. mass suicide.
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