40 minute Faber interview april 5

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  1. Pearls of wisdom once more...
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    Thanks for linking that
  3. 40?......minutes?.....MINUTES! Are you kidding? Please provide a four sentence summation of the interview. :cool:
  4. He says diversication is key if you dont want to go bust.

    Also he favours dividend paying and intrest paying investments over dead assets such as gold but the risk is accordingly.

    30 years ago everyones favourite was Kodak.. which is bust now.

    Having cash and cash income is very important so you can buy desirable assets when they correct...

    The key to knowledge is searching confrontation with opposite views...

    Most bears, bulls, goldbugs, etc all stay in their own corner being sure of their own views.

    Japan is cheap, although that could come from another interview not sure...
  5. 1) Translation......He emphasizes vague, random and inconsistent generalities that can "work" during a sustained, persistent and coherent bull market. :( :mad: :eek:
    2) Thanks. :cool:
  6. He also said put all your money in Novagold and do it this monday.