40 million on food stamps in the USA

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  1. I went to a website to see what it took for me to qualify for food stamps. $1600 every month (income) was the threshold for myself to qualify for food stamps.

    So are 40 million people in the United States making under 20 grand a year?
  2. That's kind of frightening. Presumably at that income, you're not paying much in terms of income or property taxes. One person living on $1600 isn't that hard, and shouldn't require food stamps...
  3. Lets say you are one person, how would it not be hard to live on $1600 a month?
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    room with roommate-350-400$..100$ per week for food is more than enough...we use to live on 300$ a week in US..three of us..we even able to have medical insurance for about 80$ a month. covered only emergency's and 1 doctor visit per person per year,but still..
    and we did't ask anybody for any help..not eligible anyway..
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    Isnt that hard????

    I dont know where you live but a one bedroom starts at $1200.

    Add up food, gas, electricity, at least some entertainment, bills etc etc and you need to be clearing alot more than just $1600.

    Oh yea forgot that BOB mentioned medical insurance, go out and shop for that and tell me the prices you get, mine is around $375 a month.
  6. why dont u sign up for Obamacare?
  7. can someone give a link for 40MM on foodstamps

    I don't think that figure is correct
  8. I don't know where you live, other than an overpriced area, but in most of America you can rent a house for less than $1000 a month.

    Near me is Trenton, NJ and you can rent a 3 or 4 bedroom house for $950 a month. 3 adults in a 3 bedroom comes to $317 a month per person and 4 adults in a 4 bedroom comes to $237.50 a month per person. Even after you pay your one third or one fourth share of utilities there is plenty left over from your $1600 a month income.

    Frugal people know how to cut expenses. How do you think that all the illegal immigrants that work for low wages manage to survive and send the bulk of their income home to their families? They certainly don't overpay for housing.
  9. Don't mind that fool, he's like a friend I know who's always shouting "OMG I can't live off less then 500k a year!!"
  10. The 40 million number is not working age adults as it includes children, the elderly and the disabled.

    Food stamps is old terminology, the proper name is now Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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