40 million Americans on Food Stamps

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  1. I think the poster was simply saying "teach a man to fish..."

    Gardening, raising chickens, fishing or hunting is all the same. Get off the govt lifeline and recapture your spirit.

    Personally I think food stamps are okay to get thru a rough patch. When I was a wee child we had to go to the church to beg for food and clothes for a spell. Life has a way of throwing some serious curveballs. But its up to the individual to get back up after that high and inside ball comes at you.

    But there should be limitations on what you can "buy" with them. You should not be able to receive any processed junk food products with them. Fruits, veggies, meats or fish.
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    The problem is tough choices won't be made. Bureaucrats care too much about re-election. And half the voters depend on the welfare/perks/medicare/Social Security they'd be marching to abolish. Nobody has the stomach to end the free lunch because over the half the country benefits from it, in one form or another.

    This is why the most likely outcome is Greece. Ride the train until it goes off the cliff. It's also why ethics, morals (spiritual, or otherwise) are so fundamental to an upright society. The freeloader culture destroys the incentive to work and seduces with the lure of something for nothing. Today's America is a long way from the self-reliant, upright America of the 30's.
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  3. when i was a kid there were no food stamps.if you were poor once a month you went down to the county courthouse and they gave you commodities..a chunk of hard cheese,powdered mild,meat packaged in a tin can and flour and sugar.
    lets be practical though. you really want people in the cities to all start raising chickens? chickens are a dirty bird.
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  4. So you're going to stick by your comment that 98% of those on food stamps are obese?
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  5. You missed my point. Practical would be encouraging people to fend for themselves. That is all. It would get them outside and feeling more confident..thus leading to work, we hope.

    I remember neighbors gettting the "govt cheese blocks"

    Oh, and chickens arent dirty if you clean the coupe every day. :)
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    sometimes they do go out in their cadillac escalade, though.
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  7. NumLock


    In this article

    "Its goals are to build networks that could penetrate, disrupt, defeat, or destroy militant groups like al-Qaeda, and also prepare the environment for future attacks by American or local military forces."

    The paper says the document appears to authorise specific operations in Iran. <<<<< anyone see the connection.

    But there is not enough money for American people LOL
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  8. Nobody cares about your anti-American conspiracy theory bullshit. Create another alias and try again tomorrow.
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    Just get on board with the destruction Cold.
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    Pentagon reported to BBC and BBC made an article. And you are calling it a conspiracy.

    You seem to have me mistaken with someone.

    You are a certifiable lunatic. I hope you are a shill because no one should be that stupid.
    I also hope you are infertile hehe LOL
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