4% yield on checking accounts!??

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  1. This seems too good to be true....


    Any insight?

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    call individual banks
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    It's really hard to figure out what they are doing... but I *think* they impose a maximum amount you can have in that checking acct and move excess into a 'savings acct' with a much lower interest rate.

    So, in other words, too good to be true.
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    don;t know about these guys,but i'm getting about 2.4 APR on money market account at royal bank of Missouri. (what a name,huh). it's old ,legit bank.
    but yeah-amount of money is limited to 25K and you have to use their debit card.
    1% apr is more common today. but 4? doubt it or there is some ridiculous requirements and probably size is limited to 10K
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    surf-the problem is(as been noted above) are requirements and size of the accounts. you can find plenty of small banks,but account will be limited to 10-20K and in 99% -you have to physically go to the bank and\or have to be resident of particular state or even county.same for unions. yes,there is some good rates,but you have to be a member of the union. go to http://www.bankaholic.com/

    it's all there. click on this kasasa and enter your zip to see it yourself
    this kasasa service was around for years,there is nothing new about it. "free" is quoted for a reason
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    Tsing Tao

    Florida Central Credit Union had the same thing, also limited. Was 4.25% if you also had a loan with them (and used their debit card, etc). They dropped that recently to 2.75%. Still, I wanted to move it from Bank of America, and this was the best option.
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    BAC sucks in any possible way. specially for personal account.no matter where you go-you will be better off:)
    small local banks really appreciate their customers . i'm personally enjoyed their "old fashion" way. they know their customers by their names,no one would charge you for a check book.if there is ever any fees pops up-they would take care of it,no questions asked.
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    But will they give you a toaster for opening an account?

    Ah...them were the days.
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