4 years and waiting IB for crucial chart improvement.

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    Charts should maintain a constant spacing and candlestick width, and allow the time period to auto adjust to fill the chart canvas. Currently, TWS is doing the opposite. You are forced to specify the time period and the bar period, which also determines the numbe of bars to display. TWS then auto-adjusts the bar width and spacing to fill out the chart. Please follow link http://fleance. fastmail.fm/tws_feedback.html#charts-auto-time-period to see some example screenshots. For example, on 1 month and 3 month charts, the time axis and grid lines look awful if the chart is small. Even for small changes in time period, e.g. 2 hours vs 4 hours, the look of the candlesticks look drastically different because of the auto-adjustment of the width and spacing. Please get rid of the "time period" option, or failing that, you could add an " Auto" choice. I would like to specify the bar period only, and have TWS auto-adjust the time period based on the fixed bar width and spacing.

    2006-08-24 20:18:40

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    phemert 2006-09-11 18:17:39 This is also practise with other charting software.

    milev 2006-09-01 19:08:18 charts are terrible right now. period. I use medved quote tracker juyst because IB's charts are terrible.

    cstadt 2006-09-01 20:51:00 the application needs this and many other charting enhancements

    linda 2006-09-21 21:48:03 Really important change -- badly needed.
    sudhakar 2007-01-23 00:14:23 This feature will be nice to have. Charts in TWS is not that impressive now. This will help to improve charts.Hope you will consider this request.

    klmcap 2007-01-29 19:52:17 I would add that a thin outline around the body of the candlesticks would make them more cleaner ... see Quote.com LiveCharts as one example. thanks

    0918 2008-05-07 19:22:50 this is very nice suggestion
    bungee 2010-02-10 19:07:26 This is most important change needed right now. Very time consuming to be constantly adjusting charts.

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  2. PatternRec

    PatternRec Guest

    Sierra Charts or Ninja Trader. And then the wait will be over.
  3. BSAM



    Actually, a few years ago, IB started making real progress with their charting; then, they just seemed to give up.

    Charting is one of the few criticisms I have ever had with IB, (well not counting the constant TWS updates.) But, it's hard to understand such a good broker not ever caring enough to present a really decent charting application.:confused:

  4. Yes I'm on QT as well. IB needs to just make a bit of a push to get their charts up to speed.

    It's an embarrassment for their programmers and the company overall. imo.
  5. When I joined IB I was shocked to see what charting they provided.

    On the other hand, it made me realise that for real good/fast charts you have to pay a monthly fee with some specialist, and don't expect this to have it for free.
  6. PatternRec

    PatternRec Guest

    That's why they have an API. Rather than them trying to please everyone with one package like some other brokers do, you can go out and get whatever suits you best from 3rd parties.

  7. Agreed.

    A lot of brokers have their own charting but it isn't a patch on what I can do with Sierra Chart's base capabilities and programability. And I'm sure esignal or tradestation charting users can achieve similar capabilitity.

    IB and SC is a nice combo for chart trading and autotrading though.
  8. maxpi


    When I see something stupid with any software package I really don't tell them about it. You can't push a rope. Find workarounds. Basically if IB didn't have an API I would forget what IB stands for... and I'm glad I don't have to deal directly with their API either, leave that to the Third party guys that can have "rapport" with IB's API developers.

    IB has broken the API sometimes and it separated the Third Party Developer men from the Third Party Developer Boys for sure...
  9. Bob111


    when i joined IB there is no charting at all. TWS was relatively fast,consuming about 25% of what it's consume today.OP-you have to realize that IB is not a data provider or chart software company or whatever..at any day i would prefer clean,small,simple,fast EXECUTION platform without all those bells and whistles.charts included.
    you need charts? use 3rd party applications. there is a plenty of them. QT is a good FAST and FREE example.
    i don't' use IB charts at all. they useless and slow\freeze my PC. f* them..don't waste your time on votes,suggestions..whatever..find workaround that fits you instead.
  10. um I have ..QT. But that doesn't mean I give up dreaming IB will eventually get it right.:D
    #10     May 17, 2010