$ 4 Trillion per day

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  1. Forex trading transactions are estimated $ 4 Trillion per day.
  2. I honestly do not know how anybody can calculate these numbers accuratly. There is never a source for this information.


  3. Turnover in April 2010

    Global foreign exchange market turnover was 20% higher in April 2010 than in April 2007, with average daily turnover of $4.0 trillion compared with $3.3 trillion. The increase was driven by the 48% growth in turnover of spot transactions, which represent 37% of foreign exchange market turnover. Spot turnover rose to $1.5 trillion in April 2010 from $1.0 trillion in April 2007.

  4. Thanks for the report.


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    With the 50:1 leverage cap implemented in the US in October 2010, is it still $4 trillion / day?
  6. I read somewhere that 35% of world money is managed by Switzerland. Now I do not know what exactly this means. I do not have the website link. Could somebody please confirm this information.
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    Its from Interbank forex clearance system. Banks are the primary dealers.
  8. So does that mean that when price matching WITHIN a retail forex dealer occurs this would be trading that is not counted as only the "net" is layed off from their trading desks?

    Perhaps there is 20% more trading going on than reported...I just am pulling numbers out of the sky...maybe its more.


  9. That would mean Forex trading transactions are estimated $ 5 Trillion per day.

    I think China GDP is $5 Trillion or $6 Trillion.
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    Most, if not all, retail accounts trade directly against the broker/bucketshop - The broker/bucketshop groups the the trades and either deals or hegdes with a bank or major institution etc, so retail activity eventually filters thru.
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