4 trillion degress celsius

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100215/sc_nm/us_physics_temperature

    Hottest temperature ever they say. Protons melt at 2 trillion degrees and they got the temp up to 4 trillion degrees.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is some kind of scam? I mean...if protons are melting at that temperature, surely the thermometer would melt too! :p

    How do they figure it? Obviously some kind of wacky math formula, but if the sun is 50 billion degrees and we feel the temperature of it 93 million miles away, how could 4 trillion degrees not melt everything in a 50 mile radius? I know some of you will say "oh it only lasted a millisecond, so its like when you move your hand really fast over a candle and you dont feel it. But that said...going from zero to 4 trillion degrees in a millisecond? I dont believe it.

    But i bet some of you believe it with your blind faith in science. Some of you that have no clue how this kind of stuff works believe it just because scientists said it.

    I would love to see how they explain the origins of the big bang with this information. (and how the giant particle accelerator formed before the big bang along with the guy to turn it on to create that heat.) The funny this is, the scientists want this data to be real so badly they will not question whether it is real or correct.
  2. Is there anything you think isn't a scam?

    Up to it again - those scientists with their wacky maths and melted thermometers. If they only had the foresight to visit ET and receive some homely wisdom.
  3. Yup, for e.g - genocidal scriptures written by savage people thousands of years ago :D
  4. Say what you want about those savage people...scientists created an atomic bomb that killed 150k people in 1 second. Nobody with bronze swords could've ever done that.

    Even God didnt kill as many people when he destroyed Sodom & Gommorah and at least those people were horrendously immorral. The USA destroyed hiroshima and nagasaki where tons of innocentpeople who lived decent lives lived. Whos more savage & genocidal now?
  5. You mean to say that the responsibility of nuclear bombing is on the scientists who created the bomb and not on the people who dropped it?
  6. Good post. :)

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    Nasty sycophancy :p
  8. a few atoms releasing 4 trillion degrees C of heat over a brief time is very little energy. that's why you don't feel it. the sun has trillions to the trillionth-power more mass, so that's why you feel it. what's so hard to believe about this?

    err umm, scientists don't use regular thermometers that you buy at walmart to measure temperature. do you think they sent a meat thermometer to the sun to measure its temp?
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    He thinks they buy a two pack of candy thermometers from the Dollar Store. Then they do their experiments inside an empty two liter Diet Coke bottle in their mom's basement. The really advanced guys have one of those electronic hobby kits from Radio Shack to help out.

    This is what happens when you let superstition cloud your mind with hatred of science.
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