4-time Texas lotto winner rich with money, mystery

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  1. S2007S


    Read this last week and thought how was this possible......
  2. She is a math professor? Maybe she has a super algorithm that cracked the lotto
  3. heypa


    Right! Three wins on scratch offs.
  4. She's pyramiding up . . . Wouldn't be surprised if she's blown most of her winnings.
  5. never heard of the word "septillion".....
  6. MGB


    Is she good-looking? Hot? Bangable?
  7. A 50 dollar scratch off ticket??? That is crazy.
  8. Nanook


    Mystery revealed: It's Lloyd Blankfein's mother! :D
  9. TraDaToR


    There is something. The guys who calculate probabilities for Texas lotto are wrong somewhere and she knows it. Those 50$ tickets must be the least populars, less distributed and she buys a big stock of it every time knowing odds are on her side.

    I don't know how State lotteries work, just guessing.
    #10     Jul 14, 2010