4 time bombs that will blow up Wall Street

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  1. Only a revolution will stop Wall Street’s self-destructive capitalism. And watching the people revolt against dictators like Mubarak and Gadhafi reminds us of the spirit that sparked America’s revolution in 1776. But today we need a 1930s-style revolution.

    During the S&L crisis two decades ago America had a backbone, indicted 3,800 executives and bankers. Today’s leaders have no backbone. Besides jail time won’t reform the darkness consuming Wall Street’s soul. We’re all asleep, in denial about the moral crisis facing America. Yes, we need a new revolution.

  2. Absolutely 100% agree. That is an absolute disgrace and proof of corruption on highest gov levels. That nobody got prosecuted for this bs.
  3. As long as the stock market stays up the masses stay docile. Thats what QE2 was for. As long as they keep stock indexes up it gives the illusion of prosperity. The weak get weaker due to rising food and energy the strong get a little stronger.
  4. Pretty soon all these unemployed will eventually run out of unemployment, it's just a matter of time. This is what will tip the balance.
  5. Madoff goes to prison for swindling several hundred people in his ponzi scheme, congress gets applauded in the media for swindling 300 million people.

    Loans are one of the biggest reason for present global financial crisis.
  6. World people consume/eat 4.4 billion Tons food per year, equivalent/equal to weight of 8,800 world trade center buildings (WTC 9/11)

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    In my mind the question is will the conclusion of the article come true tomorrow or 10 years from now