4 Stages of a Hershey Trader

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    Stages of a Hershey Trader

    Cocaine is a great example of the stages a Hershey trader goes through while studying Jack's "teachings."

    Stage 1 -- Eagerness and Ingratiation

    Would someone like Spyder, Mak, Procrast etc care to shed some light on the opening channel from today, and if you have a carry over channel in play, would you mind explaining that as well. Thanks guys!!

    Stage 2 -- Delusion and Defensiveness

    These strong detractors are angry that Jack is giving away the "keys to the kingdom" so they feel the need to spread as much bad press as they can for damage control.

    Stage 3 -- Denial

    Also, please link where I said I personally TRADE the Hershey method. Where I tell everyone that I trade SCT. Go on, show me.

    Stage 4 -- Acceptance

    I dont know if "SCT" works and I dont know that Jack Hershey even trades. I have no idea of either of those things. I personally think Jack is nuts
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    Hershey traders are the reason why Arrested development gets cancelled while According to Jim is a ratings hit