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Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortseller, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. did you do openings on mcd today? i know its on your list let me know how ya did ....and do you do better or worst when the futures are up or down by bigger amount, like 10 to 15 spoos points Vs. 3 to 5 points. also is the new software better then sterling

  2. still waiting to get all the paperwork finished can't trade just yet

    so no...

    MCD has news this morning so I wouldn't have played it.

    I bank up big when futures are gapping up /down heavily for the opens. When these is a small gap it's a lower probability for me.

    so far I like Hammer , looks like my volume is going to be growing more.
  3. thanks again ... by the way it's Rocky, I traded with you in SD 4 a week. i been doing great with the openings thanks again 4 all your help and i hope allz well.