4 quick question about currency options.

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  1. jjk2


    1. CME has currency options. But MBT doesn't support it. How do i Trade it without actually being in the trade pits.

    2. is OTC currency options safe? such as Saxobank and so on.

    3. What is options on a currency futures and difference from options on SPOT currency.

    4. If I am able to trade currency options, is it viable to trade options with expirations less than 3 days. What would the premium be.
  2. MTE


    1. Find a broker that does offer them.

    2. OTC is a bucketshop. I wouldn't recommend trading OTC options unless you have a huge account, but then you wouldn't be asking about Saxobank. The edge give up is outrageous.

    3. There are some differences in pricing since one is a futures contract while other is the spot, but otherwise fairly similar.

    4. Sure, why not. Visit CME and see for yourself what the premiums are.
  3. forex162


    You can trade Futures Options on the GLOBEX platform through any firm that offers Futures Options.

    Maybe. But there's no need to go OTC when you can do it with the CME on the GLOBEX. Cheaper and more reliable.

    Like the person said above, they're effectively the same thing.

    If the expiration is within less than three days, then sure. But expirations are almost always once a month, so this is essentially saying you will only be trading the options three days ahead of expiry.

    Of course this is different if you do OTC, which I don't necessarily recommend. But pricing is less significant than the spread between the bid and the ask. You can trust that a market with tight spreads is likely to be one with proper pricing. On the most liquid currency FOPs, spreads can be as tight as 3 points or so.
  4. jjk2


    are there any people with experience trading options on futures? how about some of the compatible brokers listed on the CME website.
  5. forex162


    Yep. I trade with Interactive Brokers on the GLOBEX. So far so good.

    Though I will say that the spreads are arguably not tight enough to make intraday trading profitable. Of course you can easily disagree, but I think FOP's are better suited for swing trading and not intraday scalps.
  6. jjk2


    how much premiums are you paying per contract. do u buy ATM, or out of money? Also, what about expiration date is common?

    i dont look to writing contracts...you would need balls for this.

    im confused to as how options on futures are calculated. http://www.cme.com/clearing/clr/spec/contract_specifications_cl.html?product=CD&foi=OOF

    so basically 1 point = 10 dollar? so what are the spreads like usually?

    what is FOP?

    for any of the american or european style options, how often are they excercised? since in stock options, only a small percentage are actually excercised. most option contracts are sold for profit.

    also have you seen this ?

  7. rosy2


    otc fx options are quoted in volatility and the liquid strikes are in deltas at 10,25,50 and a risk reversal.
  8. jjk2


    my final question is, would buying options on futures offer more leverage and delta compared to the ISE fx options ?

    would these Options on futures (currencies or commodities) be priced differently?
  9. could you suggest a few good brokers please?
  10. oanda offers options. not much other choice for retail size, FXCM discontinued options in USA.

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