4 ports @: 2560x1600 @ 60Hz

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  2. Or, you get the age old NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450, which does the same thing for a third of the price (except for 3d, but that isnt needed in a trading machine anyways). Its passively cooled so it doesnt sound like a vacuum-cleaner too, like this ATI thing.
  3. The 450 isn't "old".. it was preceded by the 400 and 440. If you must run a quad, the 450 is one of the best choices.
  4. 4 output with 4 display ports. Not a lot of monitions on the market with display ports, but they do give you two DP to DVI (single-link) adapters. Guess you can get two more if you want - about $100 per at Amazon.

    Or, you can get 4 new monitors also :D
  5. DVI-DP adapters can be had for as little as $10 each. They SHOULD come with the video card.

    You can also buy a DVI-DP monitor cable.. that would be necessary only if you had a 30" monitor with DVI cable. The card supports 2560x1200, DP.... but only 1920x1200 if DVI-DP adapter is used.
  6. "2560x1200" should be.. 2560x1600.
  7. It says "full height".

    Does that mean single height or double height? Leave it up to the computer industry to have a scam descriptive.
  8. "Full height" cards are about 4" tall. "Half-height", about 2". Quads usually need to be full height to have enough room to attach monitors/adapters.

    "Half height" cards can be used in any desktop. "Full height" won't normally fit into "slim" or SFF cases.
  9. I guess my question should have been phrased "Does this card occupy one or two expansion slots?"

    Like how an 8800ultra takes up 2 slots in the rear but a NVS290 only takes up one slot.
  10. Yep, it's definitely two slots wide, from looking at the picture.

    It appears to be a re-worked gaming card intended to compete with Nvidia's Quadro FX line for 3D graphics professionals, rather than the Quadro NVS for 2D 'business' applications.

    I don't think they'll progress far in that market for a while, given that there are many professional graphics programs written specifically for certain Nvidia Quadro FX cards.
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