4 more years... of humiliation

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  1. I need to post this. I really need to.

    The USA is being humiliated by the traitor Obama. Even his name sounds like Osama, plus his middle name is Hussain i.e. he is named both after Osama and Saddam.

    He hates the USA and hates our allies in Israel and England. Instead, he goes on trips to the yellow people of the world, telling them how nice they are.

    Obama is cringing and crawling for yellow approval, so that they buy up the government bonds used to finance the communist Obamacare.

    No sir. Under Obama, the USA is an embarrassment to our founding fathers. In their time, Obama would only have got as far as a shoe shine boy, and we would not be in the mess we are in.
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    Hello and goodbye, new troll!

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  3. Its probably Jake Jones again
  4. What's good about this douchebag is that he makes the other rightwingnuts here seem normal by comparison.
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    Yellow? You're an idiot.
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    LMAO. :D Isn't that the term the government used for Asians about 50 years ago? Caucasian, negro, Indian and yellow.
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    For awhile I though you were just embittered by the intellectual rejection of your silly AGW dogma by most everyone here in P&R the day you arrived. But this has gone on for long enough now that I'm beginning to think that this is how you behave for real. This is actually the way that you deal with the world around you daily.

    The implications of that are pretty grim.

    The non-stop stream of single-minded hatred from you is so tedious that I can't imagine an attractive women (or your brother) regarding you with anything but total boredom. Are you content to come home from the recycling center to your tiny apartment and furiously type up little nastygrams to post in forums where you aren't taken seriously by anyone? What kind of life is that?

    Go out, meet a girl, have a couple of beers, take up a sport or pick up a musical instrument. You get one chance to have any fun and I think you are wasting your time more than anyone whose posts I've read here. You're a young man and what you are doing is unnecessary and unhealthful.
  8. Futurecurrents sounds like a muzzie, so full of hate and terror.