4 Monitors with Dual TV Tuner. How?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by igum, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. igum


    I have a Radeon X600 that can do 2 monitors.

    But I want 2 more monitors and also a dual TV Tuner card. Anyone else in my situation and have recommendations on what to get?

    So if I can either add a combo 2-monitor/dual-tv tuner card or
    both a video card and a tv tuner card to my current setup.

    So if I get a dual tv tuner card, would I be able to view TV on all 4 monitor?
  2. Can you tell us if your Radeon is an AGP card or not?

    Also, how many FREE PCI slots do you have left on your machine?

    My opinion is to get a low cost Matrox or nVidia Quadro dual head PCI card to add the other 2 monitors. You can then get two tv tuner cards and install them in 1 PCI slot each. Put a good quality splitter on your cable connection (I like the splitters at Home Depot - they cost less and are better quality than ones from electronics stores) and attach the cable to each card. I would then get Beyond TV and let that single piece of software handle both tv-tuner cards. Be sure to upgrade to the latest revision. It does an exceptional job.

    Make sure the computer that this is running on has a lot of CPU power and at least 1 GB of RAM or more. You will notice that BeyondTV will eat up about 50% of your CPU cycles to process the TV images.

    I have this setup on my CQG charting machine. This machine handles 4 monitors, all of my internet traffic, charting, VoIP, TV input, etc and is taxed quite heavily, so make sure it is a powerful and stable PC.

    Good luck.
  3. Excellent, FT71.

    Which OS are you using for this 4 monitor, 2 TV tuner card, charting+ computer setup? Win XP Pro?
  4. Yeah. WinXP Pro SP2. I use Windows firewall in addition to the one built into my Linksys router. I turn off all firewall features for CQG, BeyondTV and other programs that make frequent requests to the internet but only go to dedicated servers. The machine is a Dell Dimension 4700 with 3.2 GB HT and 2GB of RAM. I use this computer as a DVR as well, so it has 300GB HDD but BeyondTV's Showsqueeze compresses the MPEG files down to about 300MB per hour. This is done between the hours of 11 PM and 5 AM every day after the shows are recorded. It has the added feature called SmartSkip that cuts the recorded file into chapters that mark out commercials, etc so I can skip those parts. I highly recommend this program.

    If there is any further info you need, please let me know.