4 Monitors On A Dell Vostro??

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by gnome, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. The Dell Vostro is not especially accommodating for >2 monitors...

    But there is at least one combination which works....

    Quadro NVS 290 PCIEx16 + NVS 280 PCI.

    The 290 will display 1920x1200 DVI max, the 280 will display 1600x1200 DVI max.

    ET'ers have reported difficulties with various video cards and combinations, but the above does work.. I tested it on my own rig.

    I tried a 290x16 + 285x1 (interchangeable cards, same driver)... would NOT work.

    I tried 285x1 as "primary" video.. also did not work.

    Apparently the Vostro BIOS won't allow an x16 + x1 video card combo, nor x1 as a primary...

    BTW... I have a couple of 290 PCIEx16 cards which I will let go for $65 each, shipping included (New, retail are $120-$150)... PM me if interested.

    You're welcome... :>)