4 Monitors for sale

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    I'm selling these 4 monitors because I finally moved to LCDs. The monitors are all in great working condition. (My refresh rate is low so you can see the line in the pictures) Two of the monitors are 19 inch KDS, one is a 19 inch Dell, and the other is a 17 inch IBM. I don't want to ship the monitors so they'll have to be picked-up or dropped-off somewhere in the Phoenix, AZ area.

    I will sell the monitors separate or together.

    I'm asking $100 for all of them, or offer a price on one or more.

    PM me for details.


    I'm lowering the price of these monitors to $80.00 for all four.

  3. I had 4 Dell trinitron 19" crts, I set them out for bulk trash pick up.


    I don't get bulk trash pickup. Okay, $60.
  5. If you can't find a buyer for the monitors, call a local charitable organization, school, seniors or kids facility, to see if one of them will do a pick-up, or, load 'em up and drop 'em off at one the places yourself.

    If your monitors haven't been fully depreciated, you can take a reasonable write-off if the organization has the specific IRS tax exmpt status which allows you the take deduction. Either way, you'll have the satisfaction that the monitors will be put to further good use.