4 letter word of 03?

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  1. Has been a worthless piece of _ _ _ _ for along time BUT,

    Gold sure catching a bid here instead of bringing out the sellers like some suggested.

    What are everyone's thoughts here with this spike. We in for a sustained move here?

  2. air ... tonight in asia ... almost hit 356 USD in the Feb 2003 lead
    contract ...
  3. Well, someone has to take the other side of the trade, so maybe the "smart money" is selling.
  4. nkhoi


  5. I second that nkhoi.

  6. how many freakin' financial web sites are there??

  7. I have to agree. Gold is set for a leg up. Mostly as a deflationary hedge. $400 is less than six months off.

  8. Blanchard and Co. files lawsuit against Barrick Gold Corp. and J. P. Morgan Chase
    Wed Dec 18, 4:45 PM ET

    TORONTO - A New Orleans retail gold dealer has filed a lawsuit against the Toronto-based Barrick Gold Corp. and J. P. Morgan Chase of New York alleging they manipulated the price of gold.

    Blanchard and Co., the largest retail dealer in gold coins and bullion in the United States, said Wednesday it filed the suit along with clients who bought gold bullion.

    Blanchard accused Barrick Gold Corp. and J.P. Morgan Chase of unlawfully combining to actively manipulate the price of gold, and alleged they made US$2 billion in short-selling profits by suppressing the price of gold at the expense of individual investors.

    Blanchard, which is paying the costs of the suit, said it has asked the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana to terminate the trading agreements between Barrick and J. P. Morgan Chase and other bullion banks, yet unnamed.

    Neal Ryan, a spokesman for Blanchard, said the company is not seeking any damages as part of its lawsuit, but it wants the trading agreements and alleged illegal activities to end.

    Barrick Gold is Canada's largest gold producer and the world's second-largest. J. P. Morgan Chase is a major financial holding company and investment bank.
  9. the guy who runs cafe le metropole has been suing them for years, I thought.

    I don't know whether this is cause of effect but things in s africa are a little tense these days.
  10. I guess the Barrack/JPM thing is why I got stopped out of ABX today for a very short profit.

    Shoulda had NEM instead.. :(
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