4 hour chart on Oanda...

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  1. Why isn't there a 4 hour chart?
    WTF is a 3 hour good for?
    I've been with them for a couple years, and a 3 hour chart just seems weird.
    I had used a 4 hr. on an MT4 demo, but the demo (Alpari) expired.
    Someone on this site must know this Olsen character, maybe put in a good word for us?

    Maybe it finally got to me.....:confused:

  2. lol my thoughts exactly. I considered it some sort of sick joke. TOS has some excellent free charts btw
  3. yea, Oanda charts are crap and no they won't improve/change the platform
    supposed to be working on offering mt4 in the 'near future'

    if you don't mind re-installing Alpari's mt4, X/close all your charts and make a copy
    of the 'deleted' folder in: C:\Program Files\Alpari MetaTrader also Experts/Indicators
    if you've any Custom Indicators
    then uninstall mt, re-install and before re-starting add the 'deleted' and 'indicators'
    folders and once you start mt you'll be able to use your old charts

    there are unlimited mt4 demos but you need to google to find them
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  5. Where's the problem? Open a new account. File -> Open an Account -> check 'I agree...' -> Next -> select your server (whichever server you have installed before) -> Next -> Finish -> You're done.

    Unless I'm missing something.
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    Way to go Oanda on handling that employment number with your servers! (dripping with sarcasm.)

    Just checking them out this morning with a single chart up and total crap out from 8:33 to 8:37. Nice way to run your business.

    (and people wonder why non-ECN brokers get such a bad rap)
  7. "No news is good news"
    For Oandas platform, anyway...
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    I had no problem with quotes or executions trading the 6E this morning (Mirus), BTW, as well as cash EUR at IB with minimal spread widening.

    I'm just saying.
  9. True. Java gui is still on an off. API appears to work fine, except for late order confirmations.

    BTW, i use MB for charts - and their quotes are always hopelessly lagged during NFP for the first 5 to 10 minutes.

    Ditched eSignal about a year ago, they were expensive and still lagged during figures.

    I'm thinking about switching to a currenex based broker. Their technology appears to be reliable, atleast i have never read complaints about lags and connectivity issues on the forums.
  10. My open Aussie position is still profitable, I checked it on Forex Factory.
    Just typing that makes me laugh.......:)
    Checking an open position on FF cuz my platform sucks!!
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