4 Blasts rock Wallstreet!!

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  1. Four explosions in the financial district.
  2. Upper 70's in early March is good weather.
  3. Will small buyers return :) 1973

    How history repeats.
  4. Made me think of the dot com bubble (small investor). Then of course, pattern day trading and min for margin accounts to protect us from ourselves for our own good.

    Remember back a few years ago, if you took out a loan you had to sign a document that the proceeds weren't to be put in the market?

    The gov't doesn't want us to borrow money to invest in the market yet with subprime, it was take all you need out of your house and buy cars, vacations, whatever junk you can think of.
  5. that was a very tough time. In August of 82, the market rocked. It was the peter lynch era. That game was in the late 70's, early 80's just get the money into mm's with the big interest rates Take it from the banks and you have it to "invest" later.

    Interesting the blasts were about six months before takeoff. I'm actually wondering what's holding up violence vs wall st. now. Certainly enough people are destroyed, one way or the other and certainly the Press has id'd the culprit as Wall St. I'll bet security is off the wall.
  6. In 1982 Unemployment was over 10% right? but without the extentions. Maybe that is why they are extending unemployment now to prevent such things.

    Maybe when we get to 10% over this will happen again.
  7. Even for Miami? Idk, i'm from the northeast.
  8. How much can you take from Joe Avg before he blows? See the foreclosure numbers. You take a guy's house, he gets pissed. Funny how that happens.

    Watch this one. 1870's, depression, James Gang robs banks and RR's and are heroes. 1930's..... Dillinger, Nelson, Ma Barker? Rob banks. Heroes. See anyone say anything anymore when people walk out on obligations to, who else, the banks? It's a depression. Frame it anyway you want. Maybe you don't see sack dresses and blowing sand, but the whole thing is propped up with sticks. Throw any figures out there you want, but it's chaos. Those jobless numbers are the tell, and we all know they are a sham anyway. They aren't that good.

    Unfortunately, Capitalism is taking the rap. This wasn't capitalism. It was fraud, plain and simple. Capitalism is the fall guy.