4 best buys for the next several months

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  1. These are all basically in the same sector so the trade is to create a diversified position in the sector with a basket consisting of them all.

    VLO- $47.61
    TSO- $25.00
    SUN- $45.17
    CLMT- $11.44
  2. piezoe


    And your rationale and technical analysis, please?
  3. Wow papa you are high baby. I know it. that CLMT I just read a real nice write up it looks great, the research was a year old the stk was $45 dollars and now it's $ELEVEN!!!!! What's up with that specialty oil resin whatever it is... ???` stoney
  4. Doesn't make sense why anyone would want to own crappy stocks that keep making new lows.
  5. Could this be it-?

    The Heritage Group reports an 18.5% stake in Calumet Specialty Products-CLMT.....
  6. CLMT? This stock is sliding. It slid from 50 to the 10-11 area since last year. It doesnt make sense to buy it right now. Why not wait until it starts making higher highs and higher lows?

    There is still money to be made once it turns up. However, there has to be a good reason why it keeps sliding? Even if it does turn up there is no guarantee that an uptrend will last and then there will be a news release stating that something is up then wham!

    Dont do it, dont pull the trigger on this one until there is at least a sign of hope. I wouldnt bet on a hedge fund or other investment firm because they went in. Most of those funds are down on the year and I can present to you many examples of disasters like Soros&JBLU and SOROS&WCI Industries....
  7. TMA it is so cheap. Load up look at the dividend yield. at those prices I say buy buy buy.
  8. Refiners doing well today, should continue to trend higher now regardless of overall market direction. CLMT especially is on fire today, several days of huge volume prior to today.
  9. CLMT on fire again today, +22% yesterday and +17.5% again today.
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