4/24 Overnight Position

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  1. Anyone know where things are heading tonight? Foreign markets? 24hr. futures?
  2. ES was up a couple points, now is down 1.50.
    Dow is down 13
    NQ is down 2.50

    Don't know about the foreign markets. I think you can look them up on Yahoo.

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  4. the nasdaq site "worldwatch" program looks pretty good, any used it? (btw, thanks for updates and links)
  5. You should be able to enter ES (Future) and NQ (Future) in your TWS and see the overnight futures prices yourself.

    Asian Stocks Slide on SARS, N.Korea, Sony
    Friday April 25, 2:55 am ET

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Asian stocks crumbled on Friday, hitting a 20-year low in Japan and tumbling 3.7 percent in South Korea, on a combination of worries about SARS, North Korea's claim to have nuclear weapons and weak Sony earnings.

    Bonds firmed on the slide in stocks and weak Japanese economic data, which also weighed on the yen.

    Oil prices edged up as traders puzzled over a surprise decision by the OPEC (News - Websites)cartel to raise official production quotas.

    European stocks were heading for a mixed start.

    Japan's Nikkei stock average hit a fresh 20-year low as investors shunned shares in Sony Corp, refusing to buy the issue even after its maximum permitted daily fall.

    "To be perfectly honest, it's the Sony shock," said Masayoshi Yano, senior manager of investment information at Tokai Tokyo Securities.

    "We have to worry about the effect it is going to have by raising questions about how other earnings will turn out."

    A fall in U.S. stocks after lackluster earnings forecasts along with worries about the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome also weighed on sentiment.

    The Nikkei closed two percent lower at 7,699.50.

    Sony's shares traded at 2,950 yen on institutional brokerage Instinet, a level not seen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since December 1995.

    Shares in the world's top consumer-electronics maker were untraded on the Tokyo exchange, unable to find any buyers at the lowest permissible price of 3,220 yen, or down by the 500 yen daily limit from Thursday's close.


    South Korea's KOSPI benchmark sank 3.7 percent to a three-week low after U.S. sources told Reuters that North Korea had admitted to having nuclear weapons.

    "It is uncertain when and whether North Korea's nuclear issues will be resolved. The market may be dragged into a longer-term correction," said Hong Sung-kook, an analyst at Daewoo Securities Co.

    SARS worries weighed on shares across much of the region, wiping 3.2 percent off the Taiwan market and 0.9 percent off Singapore.

    Hong Kong investors, gloomy about the SARS outbreak, sent the territory's Hang Seng index down 0.5 percent to a fresh four-and-a-half-year low.

    Financial bookmakers in London expect Britain's FTSE 100 to open between two and four points higher, with Germany's Dax index trading flat and the CAC-40 in Paris nudging about seven points higher.

    The slide in Asian stocks propelled investors into safe-haven bonds, sending the yield on 10-year Japanese government bonds to a record low of 0.610 percent. The 20-year yield also fell to a record as a rise in Japan's unemployment rate provided fresh evidence of economic troubles.

    The North Korean news put the yen under pressure. It weakened to a four-year low against the euro, trading at 132.7 yen per euro at 2:30 a.m. EDT. The dollar strengthened to 120.40 yen from 119.87 in late U.S. trade.

    U.S. Treasuries rose on concern over the impact of SARS in East Asia and a rise in U.S. weekly jobless claims to a year high.

    The yield on South Korea's three-year treasury bond hit its lowest level of the year, while the country's won currency was 1.4 percent weaker against the dollar at a two-week low.


    U.S. light crude oil inched 0.6 percent higher to $26.80 a barrel after falling at one point on Thursday to a five-month low.

    The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed to cut back the extra crude it had pumped during the Iraq war, but the cut was less than expected and resulted in a rise in official production quotas. Oil fell as much as $1 a barrel before closing just one cent lower in U.S. trade.

    "The OPEC agreement was confusing," a Tokyo-based broker said.

    Gold was steady near $334 an ounce.

    U.S. stocks slipped on Thursday on lackluster forecasts from companies like health insurer AFLAC Inc The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.89 percent to 8,440.04. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 0.61 percent to 1,457.23.

  6. a ooiio a hii,

    Finally!, a way to occupy my many a sleepless night, thx man.

    How aboot this question: where can I get a list of current futures contracts (index, currency, metals, and one other I cannot remember)? I need to know the expiration dates (yy & mm) so I can setup my stock database in AmiBroker. As an alternative, is there a futures tracking method - a ticker which provides a future's value (say, gold) across contracts?

    BTW, 'a ooiioo a hii' is 0.016 the ET member 'Hi a ooiioo a' was.
  7. Try http://www.cme.com/products/index.cfm to start

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