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  1. how come this only happened to the mini contracts?
    in gold and in more than one month ?

    ( i.e. june , august , dec )

    I heard the NYSE euronext is going to take the ECBOT
    contracts from the CME group

    hopefully when they do their programmers will
    be able to monitor and prevent these embarrassing trade conditions from occuring .

    ( note - I did not swoop in and buy the lows as I did not want to be involved in trade adj. - busts etc )

  2. The emini-metals are notorious for this type of trading action ... that's why they're not on my RADAR.
  3. agreed ... sometimes the full size contracts ( ZG + ZI follow the mini's YG + YI ) but they
    did not this am
  4. PaulRon


    wtf - 20 dollar drop during globex? wtf!!