3rd Party Software that Executes IB's Advisor Client Pre-Trade Allocations?

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  1. I'm a customer of Interactive Brokers (IB) and have an advisor account (FA) where I manage spot FX trades for various sub-accounts.

    I'm looking for a third-party software that allows orders as per IB’s 'Advisor Client Pre-Trade Allocations' such as 'Account Groups' (i.e. net liquidation, avail equity) and 'Allocation Profiles' (i.e. %, ratio).

    I have several sub-accounts under a master account where I wish to execute one trade and divide it amongst each account based upon their available net liquidation value (e.g. I have 2 sub-accounts: one with $25,000 net liquidation value, the other with $50,000 net liquidation value. I buy 99,999 EURUSD (volume) and the trade split should be one-third (33,333 EURUSD) to the first account and two-thirds (66,666 EURUSD) to the second account based upon net liquidation value available.

    Anyone trading institutional accounts or Family and Friends recommend a third-party vendor's software that allows order execution for 'Advisor Client Pre-Trade Allocations' as per the above example?

    NB: I contacted NinjaTrader and they said there software only replicates the same trade volume in various sub-accounts. It can’t execute 'Advisor Client Pre-Trade Allocations' by net liquidation, available equity, etc.

    Feedback and experienced appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

  2. rani


    Hi Steve,

    Buttontrader does all you are looking for. Using it everyday, extremely satisfied.