3rd Monitor on Dell Dimension 9200?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jasper6, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. jasper6


    I bought a Dell Dimension 9200 in December with an Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS Dual DVI PCIe video card. I wanted to add a third LCD panel and thought I could just buy a PCI video card, plug it in and go. I bought a EVGA e-GeForce MX4000 PCI card from Tiger Direct. When I installed it, all I could get were blue screens saying there was some kind of conflict. I uninstalled the card and had to download the 7900 video drivers from Dell to get back to where I started.

    Is it possible to just add a second card in the PCI slot for a third monitor when the PCIe slot is already occupied?
  2. omniscient

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    yes, it should be possible. i have a 8400 with a Dual (DVI+VGA) PCI-E card and added a matrox mms200 card with no problems. so, while i haven't encountered your exact setup, i was able to run a PCI-e video card and a PCI video card with no conflicts.


    BTW: gnome is very knowledgeable about this type of stuff ... seek out the gnome :D
  3. Tums


    might as well go get a quad head card now.
    if you are serious about trading, sooner than later, you will want to add one more screen, then one more screen, then one more...
  4. gnome


    Possible driver conflict is always a concern...

    PM me or meet me in ET Chat, if you want... just let me know.
  5. jasper6


    Just want to say that I contacted Gnome and can report that he is indeed very knowledgeable. He set me up with a ATI Rage PCI video card that plugged and played right out of the box. Cost me a whole $25 and saved me the cost of a quad card. Thanks again, Gnome!
  6. gnome


    YW. BTW, it is actually an Xpert128 card... has the Rage graphics engine, but "Rage" was the generation before Xpert. I have used that card in my systems for years and presently have 2 of them installed in this rig.... along with my Quadro NVS dualhead.
  7. I have yet been able to mix n' match cards...well now I can't mix any of em' after the "accident".