3H or 4H bar ?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Wallace, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. which do you prefer, works better, a 3 or 4 hour price bar ?
    what start/end time do you use ? - or is it default only

    MT4 has a 4H s/e time of 3pm 7pm 11pm etc pst - fixed - can a 3H bar be created ?
    Oanda FXT has a 3H s/e time is 2pm 5pm 8pm etc pst - fixed ?
    NT has both/any, haven't checked s/e time yet - fixed ?

    never used a 3H except it's in Oanda; i was never that happy with the 4H and just
    beginning to question if the 3H is the better bar, if it correlates better with the price
    movement / entries / exits
  2. ive seen and used both but the idea is that if you think of equity markets open for 7 hours while futures/fx open longer.. the 4hr bar creates a morning and afternoon session. while the 3hr bar splits the trading day in 3.

    depending on time zones and instrument, think of the action during that bar/candle
  3. i'll be doing some eyeball research over the hols to see if there's any useful difference
    between them as well as other bar periods
    NT's s/e time can't be set but i'm wondering if it can be done with mt4 as offline charts
    are able to be created

    the futures and fx markets are 24hrs and fx is available 7 days tho little or no trading
    occurs during Saturday unless there were to be an 'event', however trading at Oanda
    on Sundays starts before other fx brokers i'm aware of open, makes me wonder if
    Gann's 7 day charting should be used