3D visualization system about Global ETF

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  1. yaijohn


    Hello everyone

    I come from Taiwan.
    I have designed a 3D visualization system about Global ETF.


    It was made by variety of technical indicators and some prediction algorithm, in order to provide a global trend observation.

    A HotKey "H" is used to call out guideline(But now in Chinese)

    Search by (Capital letters) stock quotes
    you can get the market trends and recent financial news

    I Hope this kind of visualization system can provide more information in the future.

    It will be nice to have your comments and advice.

    Thank you so much.

    Contact me by Email if there is any issue about the project


  2. I can't enter stock symbols.. :( :confused:
  3. yaijohn


    it's only ETF quotes

    and sorry about only "Capital letters"
    the quotes from yahoo finance

    you can try it again