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    I've only just started trying to learn more about 3D printing, it looks like a good valuable new technology. So far, it is tough to see who the big players are, who could be big, and who has a first mover advantage.

    Has anyone else done any research on this 3D stuff that they are willing to share with me? I will accept anything you are willing to share but specifically want to know:

    How useful is it and how large can it get?
    Who are the big players?
    Who has the best methods/techniques?
    Who is publicly traded (zilch that I can tell) or considering an IPO?
    What larger company is looking into buying a private company to gain access to this?
    What industry journals or publications to track?

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  2. Bob111


    read the popular science or something...you might get an idea..they can print the f** house,if there is no f** lobby for that in DC
  3. Stratasys (SSYS). Their largest machines do something like 3 ft by 3 ft by 3 ft. These machines are everywhere, and they are (excuse the language) cool as fuck to work with.

    EOS and Acam do metal printing.

    As with most things, it's the designing that's the hard part of the process.
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    Motley fool has some discussions, not quite the answers I want but it did come up with two stocks: SSYS TDSC
  5. Bob111


    there is technologies out there that looks like a huge printer and allow literally print a house w\o roof, cutting construction cost and time by xxx