3D charting?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vladiator, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Just curious, is anyone using TA in the context of 3D charting?
    What charting software allows for 3D plots?
  2. i think cybertrader has that gimmick..

    why do you need 3 dimensions to plot time and price?
  3. Ninja


    Maybe to display relative price changes on Y, time on X, and different stocks e.g. within a sector on Z?

    By the way on http://www.smartmoney.com/maps/ they offer market maps. Not really 3D charting, but interesting. Is anyone using this?
  4. Who said those were the variables I was thinking of plotting? :D
    But even in that case, a price/volume/time plot in 3D is a lot easier to digest than having to look at time/price and time/volume back and forth all the time. Not to mention the other neat things that can be done in 3D...
    Thanks for the info on cybertrader.
    Any others out there?
  5. That is one possibility. Or an ETF on Z. But I was thinking of smth else...
  6. vlad -

    If you come up with a set of three variables that really make sense or add value plotting in 3D, it would be interesting to hear what you come up with - frankly, I've yet to see anything that made 3D charting worthwhile.

    BTW - plotting volume/time/price is often done using equivolume charts rather then 3D.

    Interested to hear if you think of a good combination.
  7. not really. with the way you're describing it, your eyes would still have to dart from x-y to z-y. i'd personally find that trickier..

    i'm really not convinced that 3d offers anything more than a cosmetic difference; similar to the bars/candlesticks thing...
  8. v12


    Try to understand 2 D first
  9. I think you misunderstood the way "I was describing it", b/c in what I was thinking you would not have to "have your eyes dart from xy to zy" (if you can rotate the plot to the appropriate angle) it's not just a more compact and space saving way to present data, some of the relationships (e.g. lead/lag) that are hard to spot may become a lot more apparent. I don't know, it maybe be just me alwaying liking to think in 3D (I am imagining a bunch of surface plots in my head as I'm typing this), but I think that looking at a globe you do get a better idea of the way the planet looks than when looking at a map that attempts to portray that curvature. The latter does show the same information, but it's a lot quicker to pick up things on the former. That fraction of a second difference might translate to some good $$$ I'd love to give a more convincing case for why 3D is better but I don't wanna reveal more than I'd like to at this point. I was just thinking that others out there might already be using very advanced 3D plots, just b/c it's such a natural extention and could point me to what software is best.
    thanks for you input.
  10. Did you mean to say "trying"? B/c then you would be speaking for yourself, which you should be.
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