$ 3800 in 4 minutes !!

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    I continue making money with my scalp method.
    Today, I made 3800 dollars in only 4 minutes.

    Is a fact: doing scalping in certain places of the chart is the best way to win in Forex market. Frequently it is spoken about the money management and the specialists recommend not to take a risk more than the 2 or 3% of the money in a single trade, but I found that this is wrong, because the risk is given by the place of the chart where the trader makes his trades, not by the amount of the money placed in a trade.

    Anyone can see my performance in my account:


    Anyone can see that my rate of losses is very low ¿Why? because yo am watching the chart by a long time but only I make a trade in the super-reliable places of it.

    3800 dollars in 4 minutes is a good thing.....

    It is very possible to live like this way by having the most of the day for resting

    I hope you will understand my bad English.

    Regards from Argentina

    Peloro (JIGtrader)
  2. Yes, this is very nice. Can you do it day in and day out though is the real question.

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    Fireplace: I am planning to develop a robot that makes the trades exactly as I do. The idea is to automate this way of trade. I hope to achieve it. :)
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    where can i buy this robot, LMAO :p
  6. Really? Have you fully developed the logic to make it work??

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    I am sorry ElectricSavant.

    I promise that I will not open a new thread, and every new comment I will post in the existent threads. Regards,

    Peloro (JIGtrader)
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    Not yet, Fireplace. I am thinking the way to perform it, because I am not a programmer :)
  9. From this link:


    Average pips outcome from all trades: 0.99
    Average pips gain on positive positions: 5.9
    Average pips lost on negative positions: -12.72

    This looks actually to me, like you are trading on a dangerous edge.
    Your losers are much bigger than your winners, and your average performance is only 0.99 pips.
    If you substract the commission from your effective 0.99 pips (something like 0.5 pip?),
    there will be not much left.
    And if you still have to pay taxes from what is left ....

    But the biggest danger is that it looks like you are letting your losers run.
    It is just a matter of time till those losers destroy all your hard earned 0.5 pips left.

    If you want to have a sustainable way of scalping, you have to aim at an effective gain of at least 6 times the commission you pay. So if you pay say something like 0.5 pips commission (round trip), you have to have at least an effective gain (for all trades, including losers) of +3 pips, in order to be on the safe side. 0.99 is clearly not enough.

    Just a friendly warning from a fellow scalper.
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