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  1. Increase in the Dow Jones Industrial since President Obama took office, 38%.

    Most businesses are thriving and should have little to complain about. Corporate profits rose to a record $1.38 trillion in the second quater of 2010, as reported by the St. Louis Fed.

    Frankly I don't understand the criticism that President Obama is bad for business.
  2. I agree 100 %
  3. Of course he's not "bad for business", he's owned by them. He's bad for the people. He took money from Americans, and future generations and gave it to them. He bailed out big business at the expense of the tax payer, and inflated the dollar so that it looked like actual wealth was created. Rah rah Barry!! Now, what about that part where I'm gonna get my mortgage and gas paid for???

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    Yep, and Gold was $850 with the DX around 86.

    If business is so good why is there +10% unemployment, getting worse with continuing unemployment benefits, just to name a few?
  5. Sums up Bush Jr perfectly
  6. Indeed. As I've always said, the only meaningful difference between bush and obama is healthcare...

  7. Maybe the corporations are run by looney tunes:

    From Looney Tune Land

    Army veteran in Ill. accused of threatening Obama

    An Army veteran arrested after a seven-hour standoff was charged Wednesday with threatening to kill President Barack Obama as part of what authorities said was his plan to ignite a war between Muslims and Christians and "start an apocalypse."


    Carlsbad shooting suspect had troubled past

    Let's shoot elementary school kids while yelling "Death to Obama."

    Christians are far worse than Muslims.
  8. Eight


    I am Christian. I am better than the worst Muslim. Therefore Christians are better than Muslims...
  9. Gee, too bad this has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the thread...


  10. We finally agree on something.Thats why I dont understand why Bush supporters call Obama a socialist and Bush a conservative.Even on healthcare Bush expanded medicaid
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