38-Steps To Be A Successful Trader

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  1. I just pick this article up from another forum, a very good read for traders who are still perfecting their methodologies and frequently "humble by the market". anyone here attained the 38th level? I don't think they got time to read this forum :D

    It seems that it a tough journey we must somehow go through. But don't be dishearted, you'll reach there once pass this period.

    me still struggling. :mad:

  2. 37 is my favorite :D
  3. elit


    Nice! :D

    no 37 sounds great! :D
  4. I'm not that keen. What sort of rubbish is this???

    > 1 . We accumulate information--buying books, going to
    > seminars and researching.


    I got my edge by staring at the order book for 2 years. I've read lots of books and been to seminars, but have yet to find anything useful from them.
  5. Its not saying that this gives you an edge, just that its a phase we go through.
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    You don't find books useful? Wow, you really missed an edge over ther :)

    Can't say the same thing about seminar though, because it usually only lulls you to a premium workshop (meaning that the seminar doesn't give you anything useful)
  7. You gotta be careful about what books you read. The older books before 2000 can give a new trader false hope, by telling them that there's so much money to be made, when in fact, like the gold rush, all the easy money was for people who got there first.
  8. The link had "turtle" in the title.
    If its all about trend following, then the momentum from all these steps might lead somewhere................