37 Steps

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by redbull13, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Someone once posted a link that had the 37 (I think) steps to becoming a successful trader. I think the last one was making more money than you ever though possible, or something along those lines. If anyone has that link could you please repost it?
  2. Cool, thanks.
  3. Whatever you do, don't stop at Step 37... the Holy Grail is hidden in Step 38. :p

    It's been reposted on ET (and on the net before ET even existed) too many times to count. Here's the earliest instance I can find here, from more than 5 years ago:


    It's obviously meant as somewhat of a joke. I wouldn't pay a whole lot more attention to it than a lame, quickly forgettable Letterman's Top 10 list. But that's just me.