360 computer card?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Technoob, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Technoob


    I want to make a 360 degree desktop setup with 6-8 screens, is it possible with todays technology without any major work?
  2. You can run 8 screens... likely would have to replace a couple of DVI cables with longer ones. Might also have to be concerned with how many and what types of PCIE slots on the mobo.
  3. lcash


    You can do this with a combination of a good video card PCIe 16 that supports at least 3 monitors and the rest run off of a USB adapter. Make sure you have at least 1 GB preferabble DDR5 for the video card, a good quad core CPU and as much system memory as you can put on the MB.

  4. But can it be setup so the cursor can be moved from screen 1>8>1 ?
  5. Probably not. Just as with one screen, you can't normally take the cursor off of the right side and have it appear on the left. However, I recall seeing a utility which purports to do exactly that... never tried it though.

    I don't see the value of "360 degree" screens. You'd have to turn around to see the ones behind you, and the ones on the sides would likely give you whiplash.

    If you wanted a 4x2 palette with the primary being in one of the corners, you could move the cursor around like it was just one huge montor... which of course, Windows Extended Desktop effectively is.
  6. GTS


    I'm probably going to be sorry for asking but...since you only have eyes on the front of your head, why would you want monitors that you can't see without turning around?

    Also how do you plan on getting in and out of this setup, crawling underneath?

    Even using 8 monitors forming a circle will yield a pretty small diameter area for you to sit - this seems like a really bad idea to me.
  7. lcash


    Yes it can and windows supports this.

  8. Is this in Vista or W7? Certainly is NOT true in XP. Or, perhaps we're not talking about the same thing.

    The cursor can be moved ANYWHERE in the palette of screens. And if in 4x2 arrangement with #8 being above/below #1, then yes. If arranged in "360 degree", then no.
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    Yes in Vista and 7.
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    I was just wondering, I just thought it would be cool and I was also thinking about rigging an RC car with 360 cameras and linking them and so on, and in a house the stuff behind you is still there for you to see when you turn around without eyes in the back of your head so why not your computer
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