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  1. savage


    Well, lucky me. I found an old Datek account that I forgot I had with $350 in it. I'm gonna roll the dice with it because I didn't even know I had it. I can only do long options or stock and I want a BIG winner. Either I double it or I lose it all. Tell me what to do!
  2. Withdraw it and play online poker.

  3. ig0r


    Woo, sounds like fun. Long QQQ calls?
  4. How about a Superbowl bet?

  5. Do a Super Bowl prop bet! Something like..... over/under of times Rod Smart is referred to as "He Hate Me" by the broadcasters! :D
  6. pspr


    Wait until the next tripple witching Friday and buy some really cheap just out of the money calls or puts a day or two before. That's a lot better bet than buying lottery tickets! (In fact, James Stock will probably sell them to you!)
  7. riley


    Put it all on Lucent. The company will be around for a long time. The chances are VERY good you will blow it if you do an option play.
  8. adsx is a roll of the dice.

  9. buy PDPR.

    :cool: :) :cool:
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    you 've gotten several suggestions, none of which would top my list. To make things simple and eliminate all the confusion this is causing you. Simply send it to me. PM me and I'll supply the address to send it to. :)
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