350 million shares traded at 11 30 with vix at 15.6

Discussion in 'Trading' started by grimer11, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Mecro


    Well today completely sucks. I got JACKED in the morning on a short fill. Got about 700 stolen from me. Now Im just trying to take home 400 bucks.

    Serioulsy, this volume is horrible. So much for earnings week being good. Im thinking grimer is right, NYSE is done with.
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    Mecro, you really need to try the ES with a few position trades on top of your stock scalping.
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  3. What are you doing with the REITs?

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  4. Mecro


    Why not just position trade PRX, make 7k with 1000 shares if you got the stomach.
    If I could try ES, I would. Not really up to me.
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  5. ..or try TSAR, MAGS, MACE......I trade nothing size...very small time trader and I am done for the day up $659.00...

    We see opportunities everywhere, in fact our room is just abuzz and feeling great about this current trading enviroment in certain equities.......I am having the "best" month I have ever had...

    Good trading all..

    rttrader1 -
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  6. Mecro


    Hmm lets see, you mention ALL NAZ STOCKS. I know Naz is still good, the problem is NYSE.
    As for being up 659.00 and considering April your best month, thats not very uplifting. A good month for me was being up 1k before 12. Should have been today but I got so badly screwed on that short fill and rip.
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  7. woops my bad....sorry mecro....I trade listed on the rare occasion....and I did mention I am a very small trader. For me Mecro I have been doing better than I have ever done in the last 2 years so I am pleased and thats all that matters to me.

    rttrader1 -
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  8. Mecro all you do is fuckin cry. I swear every post I read by you is either a complaint about the lethargic state of the market or about some specialist "robbing" you, as if they were here to line your pockets with cheese, lol.

    Wah, wah, wah -- call the whambulance. Get a grip man or leave that bucket shop you trade at and move on to some more "accomodating" markets.
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  9. Mecro


    You know what go screw yourself. I did not start this thread, grimer did and I am participating in it. If you do not like it, GO SCREW YOURSELF. You do not have to read this thread or my posts. What you cannot tell the tone of it from the topic?

    Many are having problems with NYSE right now and some want to comment on it. If you do not like it, GO SCREW YOURSELF. I don't want your opinion or your posts since most of your posts are just insults and shit talk.

    Regarding the "bucket shop", unlike most I did not get to trade during 99 or 2000 or during the height of bullet scalping. Hence I do not have the capital to jump around from shop to shop, dealing with adjustment costs. So take your bullshit advice and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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  10. If you are having trouble with NYSE everyday then why don't you try some nasdaq stocks if they are the ones moving. When I first started I mainly traded nasdaq stocks, then eventually moved over to trading mostly NYSE stocks because at that time nasdaq stocks were not moving that well and NYSE stocks were moving all over the place. It took me awhile at first to jump out of my comfort zone to NYSE stocks, but within 2 weeks I was was kicking myself for being so stubborn and not moving sooner.
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