33 Consecutive profitable trades of 15% or better...he did it again!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mrmarket, Oct 1, 2003.

  2. is this a Saturday Night Live skit?????? some kind of spoof????
    it is funny whatever it is....
  3. btw... mr. market, you should be careful with the SEC in high gear
  4. Ebo


    No Fur-Back is at it again.
    Apparantly Wharton's Dean of admissions was asleep at the wheel in the 80's!
  5. What's the matter, Ebo...did you get a "thin letter" when you applied back in the 80's?
  6. this is what KAREL...that's right , the same guy who came and stole from Elite has to say on Mr.Market's cheap imitation forun:

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  7. Mr. Market ...

    Do you have a temple or shine so that I may bring you the finest meats and cheeses?
  8. i think the SEC will be paying mrmarket a visit soon...
  9. You can't argue with those results!!!:D
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